Chinese Art class singapore (workshops and courses)

Chinese Art class singapore (workshops and courses)

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Chinese Brush Painting is an art form that started thousands of years ago. It refers to the application of paint on rice paper or also called Xuan Paper (宣纸). Wood barks with formulas that contain rice (later also on mulberry) to absorb then release the ink makes up the rice paper.

Chinese Art Class Singapore

Chinese Art class singapore introduces you to the art of Chinese Brush Painting!!

The art of Chinese Brush Painting typically embodies philosophical concepts. Like many other Chinese traditions, the art classifies into a variety of styles concerning, subject, and technique. Find chinese painting class ? We have a wide range of chinese painting class here at Chinese Painting Class Singapore. Contact us to find out more!

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Chinese Art class singapore (workshops and courses): History and Culture of Chinese Brush Painting

It is very easy to discern a Chinese brush painting from its western counterparts – whenever you see black ink on paper, you can almost be certain that it is one. However, they also vary. Visually, some are strictly black and white while some are colorful. Thematically, some artist paints a quiet scene while others depict a story, which might have a side poem. Style-wise, some can be purely pictorial perfection, but others are more focused on their symbolic values.

The purpose of Chinese brush painting is to pursue an ephemeral state of mind relentlessly. Whether it is a flower, architecture, a range of mountains, or an insect, all common subjects. Pictorial values only exist when contents strike a balance and reach simplicity with the entire painting.