Learn Chinese Ink Painting Workshops – The Art Of Chinese Brush Painting

Learn Chinese Ink Painting Workshops – The Art Of Chinese Brush Painting

Learn Painting; come join our Chinese Ink Painting Workshops

Chinese Ink Painting Workshops in Singapore !! Welcome to the Best Chinese ink courses in Singapore !! Are you keen to learn some of the oldest artistic traditions in the world? Are you simply just fascinated by how using simple strokes of Chinese brush painting techniques can end up with a beautiful chinese painting as an end result?

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Learn Chinese Ink Painting Workshops

In Chinese brush painting, you will learn to embrace simplicity and suggestion in your compositions. The clever use of negative space, which simply means; the places in your painting that contain no paint; will contribute to the overall feeling of peacefulness in your artwork. Traditional Chinese brush painting uses ink as its primary medium and paper or silk as its canvas.

Chinese Ink Painting Workshops – From Beginner to Master

Chinese brush painting, a style of art that can be both beautiful and relaxing. Unwind from your hectic lifestyle by enrolling in a course on Chinese brush painting.

The brushes required for Chinese brush painting does come in several different sizes and styles. For painting detailing purpose, soft brushes that end in a point will allow brush strokes to flow smoothly. Other brushes with wide heads of short bristles are designed for color washes, and are useful for the purpose of filling in the background of your painting.

Subjects and themes of traditional Chinese brush painting; that are commonly painted, may include bamboo, trees, flowers, mountains, and birds, among others. Specific styles of painting can vary within the genre, ranging from fine detail to more abstract and representational forms in a piece.

Discover the beauty and elegance of Chinese Brush Painting at our Chinese Ink Painting Workshops!!

Affordable Chinese Ink Painting Workshops – From Beginner to Master

Chinese Ink Painting Workshops

You may receive instructions on using ready-made, liquid ink. An alternative would be to take on the challenge of grinding an ink stone and mixing its powder with water to the desired consistency and tint. Less water yields stronger, more opaque hues. More water increases the transparency and lightens the color. Liquid ink and ink stones are available in several colors.

Now you can awaken to the beauty of traditional Chinese Ink Painting in a special introductory class!!

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